US Police Can Geolocate Nearly Every Mobile Phone

It has been found out that US police are using a system that allows them to geolocate nearly every phone in the country but some cops are abusing it.

The US police have access to a system called Securus Technologies. The authorities can use it to “ping” a phone’s location when a warrant is acquired. The fear now is that some cops are abusing the system.

Last year Cory Hutcheson, a Missouri deputy, supposedly accessed the Securus system “for the unlawful purpose of spying on Plaintiffs for his own personal gain.”

Flaws in the System

Securus grants police access to ping cell phone locations in real time because of the location data provided by carriers.

Warrants are required to access the phone tracking system, but it seems Securus did not scrutinize requests adequately so and Hutcheson exploited the system.

Securus announced that it requires authorities to upload the proper documentation – a warrant or affidavit – prior to processing a request. However, Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon) has said that Securus does not “conduct any review of surveillance requests.”

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