UK Police Reportedly Accessing Phone Records Unlawfully

Privacy International sent a formal complaint against UK’s police forces highly invasive “mobile phone extraction technology.”

In the complaint made to the Information Commissioners Office, the group reports that UK authorities have been accessing the contents of people’s phones unauthorized as in without a warrant. It has also been forwarded to the Home Office and the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

PI in the complaint called for reforms by claiming the practices are “totally unregulated, potentially discriminatory and unlawful.”

Data Mining

Millie Graham Wood, working for Privacy International as an attorney has claimed UK’s police is using Israeli firm’s Cellebrite to download data directly from phones without owner’s knowing it.

Easily Recoverable

Wood claims to have tested the Cellebrite UFED Touch 2 device and that it connects directly to the phone from which it gathers data. He further added that the Cellebrite device was even able to tie back together previously deleted messages from WhatsApp which is an encrypted messaging app.

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