Why Millenials are Lukewarm About Privacy

Millennials seem least bothered that Facebook and other companies are using their data for profit, according to a piece by New York Post. The story suggested that millennials have accepted the fact that to maximize the advantages, sacrifices need to be made.

Millennials are comfortable to be an “open book” for all to see. The opinion piece states that the previous generations guarded their privacy. But, then again the previous generation had fewer privacy threats as compared to millennials.

You could argue that the millennials have been handed a crazy and dangerous world and so social media is their outlet and a much-needed distraction from modern life. Hence, they seem indifferent about their personal information being leaked to the masses.

Who would have imagined that social media platforms could learn our likes and dislikes, political preferences, religious affiliations, sexual orientations and so on? If a law enforcement team want to know my activities on a given day, it is readily accessible from the data uploaded to social media sites.

The article gives it back to the millennials who were outraged at Cambridge Analytica for using their information. If you are too carefree about your personal information, these things can happen. The question is: Is Cambridge Analytica any different from other companies? Every tech giant monetizes your information. So, all in all, they are all the same.

Millennials aggravate it by being only too willing to provide such information through their daily contents, photos, etc. The opinion piece questions whether the previous generations would have been so forthcoming as compared to the millennials.

What do you think? Is it a fair assessment of the current state of affairs?

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