How Impactful is The UK Piracy Blockade?

UK Internet users are familiar with website blocking as many pirate sites including The Pirate Bay are not accessible due to court orders. But it does not necessarily mean that piracy has been uprooted because looking at the most visited websites in the UK suggests that much is there to be done.

One of entertainment industries’ favorite anti-piracy tools is website blocking.

Over the years the number of blocked URLs in the UK has grown to well over 1,000, including many popular torrents, streaming, and direct download sites.

The Pirate Bay is by far the biggest target. Along with the main site, many proxy sites and proxy linking sites are blacklisted and blocked by major ISPs. The aim is to prevent access to these known torrent sites, but it’s never that easy.

According to Alexa, a traffic monitoring company which is often cited by copyright holders, tops the piracy sites list and is the 115th most visited site in the UK overall.

This does not mean that blockades do not affect at all; it just portrays that there is still a lot to be done.

For example, is part of the ‘Unblocked’ team which operates a series of proxies and proxy indexes. It has been actively providing and launching new domains for people.

According to the operator: “Although the blocks have had the intended effect of blocking popular file-sharing sites, I don’t believe they are effective since users have access to many workarounds to access these sites.”
“For any given blocked site, there will be countless proxy sites available with new domains constantly being created.”

Similar to regular takedown notices and domain control, ISP blockades have also become repetitive and futile.

Listed below are ten of the most pirated sites in the UK:

*They are subject to change


Alexa Rank Type

Original Site Blocked?

115 Torrent proxy


194 Cyberlocker


215 Streaming


222 Torrents


227 Proxy links


255 Torrent proxy


310 Streaming


319 Torrents


327 Streaming

No           338      Proxy links                     No



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