How to Delete Your Data & Account from Social Media and Other Platfroms

With news focusing on online privacy a lot these days, the public has become aware of the mindboggling amount of information that social media sites gather about them. Facebook has your name, address, and much other information. The same applies to Twitter and Google. Read on to discover how to delete your Facebook, Google permanently, and Twitter accounts as well how to remove data from these services.

Deleting a Facebook Account

In the top right click the privacy icon. At the end of the second paragraph, there will a link to delete your account, but this is after a long blurb. Your account will be cleared and permanently removed after 2 weeks when you select it in the form that will be given to you.

Deleting a Twitter Account

Log in, click your profile icon in the top right, next settings, next scroll to the bottom and click Deactivate My Account. Input your password to confirm, next click the Deactivate button. Cached versions of your tweets may be retained by Google and other search engines, and unfortunately, there is no way to delete it.

Deleting a Google Account

Online privacy with Google is far-fetched, but at least they have made it easy to delete your accounts and data. Sign in, click on Google apps, then my account, then under account preferences click on ‘Delete your account or services,’ then delete Google account and data. Google will ask you for your password to verify it’s you. Then you’ll be taken to the Delete account page where you can delete your account. To stop Google from uploading your location remove your account from the mobile device be it Android or any other OS.

Permanently delete your accounts if you no longer want to give away your personal data through social media and is privacy-conscious.


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