ISP Wants US Marshals to Aid Piracy Tracking Firm

Internet provider Grande Communications is seeking help from U.S. Marshals to aid piracy tracking company IP-Echelon. In line with the RIAA lawsuit, Grande Communications wants to know more about a scam where IP-Echelon’s name was misused by scammers to extract payments. The piracy tracking company has thus far been unreachable.Image result for us marshals

Two years ago it was revealed that scammers were abusing the DMCA to extract cash payments from innocent Internet subscribers.

Scammers used IP-Echelon’s and several major copyright holders names to demand settlements for allegedly pirated content.

There haven’t been any reports since, but it seems Internet provider Grande Communications is interested in the matter as it also prepares for its piracy liability case against the RIAA.

IP-Echelon competitor Rightscorp sent DMCA notices, and that is where the case lies. Grande Communications is eager to hear from IP-Echelon to get to the core of the issue as it also received the scam emails.

“Grande has also received IP-Echelon infringement notices, which include both authenticated, PGP-signed infringement notices from IP-Echelon, as well as fake, non-PGP-signed notices which falsely claim to be from IP-Echelon,” Grande told the court at the backend of the previous week.

The ISPs interest in IP-Echelon is understandable. But, it has found it somewhat challenging to get in touch with the company that has offices in the US and Australia.

Grande employed a private process server to serve the subpoena at IP-Echelon’s Los Angeles office, but these attempts failed more than once. The ISP’s legal team also tried via telephone and email to no avail.

Grande felt compelled to ask the court for help and wants the U.S. Marshals to get involved so that it can track down and aid IP-Echelon.

If the Marshals get involved then inevitably IP-Echelon can be tracked down.

Whether information from IP-Echelon is going to help Grande’s case is still unclear, but that’s something for the future.


Google’s Chrome Web Store Spammed With Clickbait ‘Pirate’ Movie Links

The Chrome Web Store is Google’s archive for all things Chrome, from apps and extensions to a vast array of themes for the iconic browser. Presently, however, the store has some dodgy visitors who at first appear to offer pirated movies. But look closely, and it’s all an elaborate scam designed to generate traffic to a subscription site.

Google’s Chrome Store debuted in 2010 and is the go-to place for users looking to hustle their chrome browser.

It offers programs that run in Chrome and performs a splendid array of functions like improving security and privacy, to streaming video or adding magnet links to torrent sites.

Themes are also available which can be installed locally to change the appearance of the Chrome browser.

There are plenty programs to choose from, but some additions to the store this past couple of months were entirely unexpected from the add-on platform.

Free Movies on Chrome’s Web Store?

The above image suggests unknown third parties are exploiting Chrome Store’s ‘theme’ section to offer visitors to a vast array of pirate movies.

When clicking through to the movie page users are presented with a theme seemingly grants them to watch the movie online in “Full HD Online 4k.”

It is a dubious scam as users are led to, a pirate streaming portal impersonate, but nothing of use.

Move on

When you click the play button on movies appearing on, it will take you another site called Zumastar which asks people to “create a free account” to “access unlimited downloads & streaming.”

The website promises “With over 20 million titles, Zumastar is your number one entertainment resource. Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied members and enjoy the hottest movies.”

Dodgy Marketing. No Thanks.

Lengthy visits to results in a redirection to, a domain that was promptly blocked by Malwarebytes due to suspected fraud. But if you allow the browser to make the connection, it will take you to another subscription site.

Upset former customers complained of money being taken from their credit cards when they didn’t expect it in the least bit.

A lot of people have signed up to Zumastar or EtnaMedia via this problematic route from Google’s Chrome Store which is a worrying sign.
Steer clear from this; it’s a fraud.

Finally, don’t let the reviews fool you.

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