Ace Hosting Shutdown, Users in Danger

Ace Hosting has closed its business and is dissolving after having agreed to hand over a copyright settlement of £100,000 to the Premier League. VAT not paid, corporation tax bills £260,000 also unpaid, and its subscribers and resellers owed roughly £353,000, Ace is in hot water. The worst thing though is its users’ details are set to be public and may even be handed to the authorities.

For those who are unaware, unauthorized IPTV services have gained popularity in recent years as they offer thousands of unlicensed channels at cheap rates, are reasonably reliable, and provide decent levels of service.

They are, however, a considerable menace to rightsholders who long to see them fall. In this particular case, it’s the Premier League, which has been disrupting IPTV services for quite some time, hoping they’ll shut down.

While others have bypassed it, Ace Hosting could not and so have ended up in this precarious position.

Users in Danger

For subscribers and resellers what is more worrying than the £353,000 owed to them by Ace Hosting is their details being made public and the potential handing over to the authorities. Most people will forego their £3, but to see their personal information going into the hands of interested parties is not something they would want.


Ace Hosting saga will eventually fade into history. Subscribers will probably not be tried, but then again it is an essential lesson for everyone.

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